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Nonetheless, a response rate of 95% to our study proposal points to the increasing importance of OPEX in today's pharmaceutical industry.
Companies like OPEX are using that capability to their advantage to create industry-first innovations while reducing time to market.
Offering a connector between CloudDocs and the OPEX scanning platform enables OPEX users to reduce the complexity and cost of integrating the technologies, while providing them with a cost-effective alternative for storing and managing content," said eGistics Chairman and CEO Bob Lund.
Sue Rudd, Director, Service Provider Analysis (SPA) at Strategy Analytics, adds "Matching new data service revenues with efficient operations and capacity utilization must become a major focus for mobile operators who are looking to enhance EBITDA and slow the increase in OPEX.
Mail had to be sorted, prepped and handled multiple times," said Jeff Geshay, Administrator of Partner Relationships for OPEX Corporation.
In this product, we've more tightly coupled our feature rich CertainScan software with our hardware to produce a great operator experience while offering the unique benefits of the OPEX approach to capture.
The partnership between Neopost USA and OPEX Corporation is another example of how we are listening to our customers' needs and responding accordingly," said Neopost USA Senior Vice President of U.
Additionally, AUM has partnered with OPEX Corporation for AS7200i Document Capture Platform with Integrated Mail Extraction to increase efficiency within its Bill Processing Unit.
In addition, Glimmerglass solutions enable service providers to rapidly and remotely provision and reconfigure the optical layer, reducing OPEX, accelerating time-to-service and improving network availability.
It proved to be a more efficient way to capture images of real world documents because it greatly reduces, and in many cases eliminates, the 'doc prep' steps that add no value to the overall process", said Mark Stevens, President and CEO of OPEX.
Facing escalating pressures from rising OPEX and SLA penalties, telecommunications carriers recognize the need to intelligently and dynamically manage the optical layer," said Jim Donnelly, Glimmerglass Vice President of North American Sales.
the leading provider of intelligent data capture and enterprise search solutions, announced today that it has entered into a new partnership with OPEX Corporation, a recognized global technology leader in high-speed mailroom automation and document imaging.