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ORI Anuenue Hale is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing relief to and promoting the general welfare of elderly, disadvantaged and disabled people in the rural and geographically isolated Central and North Shore areas of Oahu.
While the four companies and ORI will merge at the same time, Oji Paperboard as the surviving entity of the merger will be the holding company for the new production units.
In essence, the ORI and the appeals panel disagreed on the plausible inferences to be drawn from Imanishi-Kari's research-related conduct and record keeping.
Nard will become President and CEO of a publicly traded RFIG and will consequently relinquish his role at ORI.
ORI provides real-time visibility to oxygenation status in moderate hyperoxic range (PaO2 of approximately 100 to 200mmHg).
During that time, ORI looked into building on the city-owned property across the street from the Public Library, which has since become Lane Community College's new downtown campus and housing complex.
ORI is subject to acceleration on its debt if any of its significant subsidiaries experience bankruptcy, insolvency, rehabilitation or reorganization.
The site is a compromise that was chosen after a local group raised strong objections to the original ORI site, which was directly on the riverfront.
ORI had cited that analysis, conducted by the Secret Service, as strong evidence that Imanishi-Kari had fabricated data underpinning the Cell paper (SN: 3/30/91, p.
Blue Bell, PA) due to the acquisition of the company by Old Republic International Corporation (ORI) (NYSE:ORI) and the assumption of its debt by ORI.
The bank's ORI primarily tracks development of the yuan's deposit scale, operation, use of financial tools and other aspects with five indicators reflecting performance in the global financial market.
Since 2007, ORI has been the prime contractor for Data Collection Services in support of the Current Employment Statistics Program for the Florida Data Collection Center.