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Provides classification of the principal licensing and business models associated with OSS.
Other Communists in OSS were providing top-secret documents and information from White House meetings, military, operations, weapons development, diplomatic communiques, and much more.
Feature articles will be supplemented by columns covering a wide range of OSS and telecommunications topics:
Even the most anti-OSS organisations are now likely to find it difficult to avoid OSS as it is both pushed by suppliers and pulled by users.
What are the challenges to OSS and BSS implementation?
NetCracker's OSS strategy will continue to align with TMF standards by providing a focus on subscription and identity management, applying more IT service management to OSS, bringing IMS-based NGN elements into the OSS view, and integrating a service creation environment into service delivery," said Andrew Feinberg, NetCracker's president and CEO.
As the OSS space continues to consolidate, NetCracker plays a central role helping carriers transform themselves to be more competitive and deliver innovative new services.
HP has been in this business for a long time, but we're always gratified when industry experts like OSS Observer recognize the work we do for our customers," said Michele Campriani, director, OSS Solutions, Communications, Media and Entertainment, HP.
Our collaboration with HP is an excellent example of working with an industry leader to provide an integrated solution that combines our unmatched IP expertise with HP's leadership in OSS.
This is about putting innovative OSS solutions on a fast track," stated Robert Cruickshank, Vice President, OSS Market Strategy, C-COR.
Ed Finegold, Billing World & OSS Today editor-in-chief, said, "There were more than 100 submissions for the Excellence Awards this year.