obiter dictum

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Obiter Dictum

[Latin, By the way.] Words of an opinion entirely unnecessary for the decision of the case. A remark made or opinion expressed by a judge in a decision upon a cause, "by the way", that is, incidentally or collaterally, and not directly upon the question before the court or upon a point not necessarily involved in the determination of the cause, or introduced by way of illustration, or analogy or argument. Such are not binding as precedent.


Court Opinion.

obiter dictum

something said by a judge in a decision that is not essential to the decision and does not form part of the RATIO DECIDENDI.
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Abad said the second decision of the Supreme Court, based on the government's motion for reconsideration, effectively removed that obiter.
This obiter fails also to recognize the dynamics of population momentum wherein despite implementation of the RH Law, the population of the Philippines will continue to grow, albeit at a tapered rate, because of the current huge base of women of reproductive age.
A Jimmy German double for Obiter wasn't enough to beat Thirly who netted three times to keep the pressure up on Fazakerley who won both games today against Nicosia in a double header 3-1 and 1-0.
Besides the Fazakerley wins Obiter beat English Rose 4-0, Alder beat Blue Anchor 3-0 and Home & Bargain were 3-2 winners over St Sebastian's.
In the Sunday Youth Division AFC Liverpool extended the gap to 13 points at the top of the table beating East Villa 5-2 while the highest score of the day has to be the 13-2 win by Obiter over the luckless Dynamo PF initiated by a Connor Green hat-trick and a brace from Danny Davidson.
THIRLY had Stannard and McGuinness consolidating their position at the top of the Premier with an emphatic 2-0 win over Obiter.
In the LCFA Intermediate Cup, Obiter lost 2-1 to Forefield Rangers as Warner Boys comfortably beat Holbank 2-0 to progress to Round 3 after George Ferguson and Josh Donnelly netted for Warner.
Obiter and Alder finished 1-1 while JOB beat Mossley Hill 3-0.
Jamie Hill put St Margaret's in front against over Obiter, only to be pegged back by a Danny Davidson equaliser.
Home & Bargain were 4-1 winners over Obiter with James McNeil, Callum Roberts and Phil Mason (2) on target.
St Margaret's won at Obiter by an amazing 12-2 score line after James Hooper (4), John Towner (3) and James Bradley (2) saw them finish in third place.
JOB and Thirly had a great tussle before a Ross Mc Dowell effort sealed the win for JOB and Obiter had Lee Treble getting both goals against Home & Bargain 2-0 with Joe O'Grady outstanding.