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geo] calculated indicates that all measured heavy metals show unpolluted except for Ni where sites obj 04, obj 08 obj 11 and obj 17 are moderately polluted.
Due to the initiation of the hasty attack, the platoon was forced to approach the OBJ from the southeast rather than the southwest.
4) Abbreviations are as follows: 1 first person, 2 second person, 3 third person, A agent, ABS absolutive, APPL applicative, CAUS causative, CSL cislocative, DAT dative, DIR direct, DL dual, ERG ergative, FUT future, GEN genitive, HAB habitual, HUM human, IMPV imperfective, INV inverse, NEG negative, O object, OBJ object, OBV obviative, PL plural, PN pronoun, PPF present perfect, PRX proximate, PST past, R recipient, S/A subject of intransitive/agent of transitive, SAP speech act participant, SG singular, T theme.
The other option I considered was pulling a squad from 2nd to form a company reserve, since the range from SBT 2 to OBJ CAT would reduce the effectiveness of small arms fire.
The following deletes the objects from the nonmaterialized subclasses} DELETE FROM OBJ .
When Baba Dr OBJ writes you a letter, you know say 'wahala dey' aJoe Abba
Obj 2: An increase in the number of capacitated farmers and food producers using agro-ecological methods of production and in hectares under production
OBJ 02 Drying cabinets for flexible cystoscope, 1 pc
Prior Information Notice without call for competition: A10 tauern motorway, anchoring works liesertal obj.
OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE) and its partners could be entering the multi-billion-dollar digital gaming market at just the right time.
OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE) announced today that Novalon Games has posted a free demo of Phantasmic, its new gaming for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) devices, online.
Novalon Games--the video game developer founded by the joint venture of OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE) and Source Street, LLC--has released a sneak peek of Phantasmic , its first title slated for release in 2013, by releasing a video of the mobile app.