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Taking from someone with an intent to injure or defraud.

Wrongful abstraction is an unauthorized and illegal withdrawing of funds or an appropriation of someone else's funds for the taker's own benefit. It may be a crime under the laws of a state. It is different from Embezzlement, which is a crime committed only if the taker had a lawful right to possession of the money when it was first taken.

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Therefore, we believe that users receiving the knowledge map-based training approach can outperform those users receiving the traditional instruction method in the object-oriented programming skills.
The notion of inheritance in object-oriented programming. Commun ACM 37, 9 (Sept.
An early book featuring different articles on concurrent object-oriented programming is by Yonezawa and Tokoro [1987]; a more recent one is by Agha et al.
We propose to address this drawback by extending the practices of Fortran 77 programmers with a set of concepts borrowed from object-oriented programming.
The first appendix presents a case study, and the second is an introduction to object-oriented programming peppered with examples from Smalltalk and C++.
Object-oriented programming is the current state-of-the-art in software development.
The only difference is that it is described in an object-oriented programming language, such as C++ or SmallTalk, and then the same software object is reused every time any application uses the concept "customer." Often, the software object simply retrieves a set of data that already is contained in a variety of existing data bases and applications.
Tokoro, who is also a professor at Keio University in Yokohama, offered these and other speculations about the future of competing in a presentation at the Association for Computing Machinery's conference on object-oriented programming systems, languages, and applications, held last week in Washington, D.C.
Object-oriented programming is more readily upgraded or expanded than the procedural-based programming used by most of the computer industry.
They did, and they called it object-oriented programming.
This freshman computer science textbook introduces the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, the syntax of the Java language, good software engineering principles, and effective testing techniques.

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