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I think taxpayers deserve an objective point of view.
While she favored the Pacific Northwest aesthetic from an objective point of view, it took the tropics to evoke an emotional response, to touch her at a deeper level.
From a purely objective point of view, we'll be delighted if the Germans, or the Italians, win the World Cup.
The program uses its instructional systems design to produce the master task list, which represents "training objectives, all of the tasks, learning objectives, and everything else that has to do with training," Paris says, adding that this part of the process allows the team "to run a change through the master task list and get an objective point of view.
From a strictly objective point of view, the business case to continue as we are today is not solid enough.
First and foremost, an attorney can bring an objective point of view to the situation, which is necessary to analyze the facts and legal ramifications relating to the suspected misappropriation, to build a record against the perpetrator, and to achieve a quick and acceptable resolution.
The notable and welcome difference here is the attempt to approach the question from a relatively objective point of view, maintaining consistent criteria.
Joseph Hooker on June 10, 1963: "I think Lee's Army and not Richmond is your true objective point.
Although I have to work from an objective point of view, I'm also a citizen of this community and a mother, and I support these initiatives.
He respects everybody's opinion and every objective point," attests his Web site, www.
EAP counselors provide a supportive environment for employees and help them work through sensitive issues from an objective point of view.
By then, the western line stretched 233 miles, thirty-one short of the objective point.