Obligations after car accident

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Country: United States of America
State: Michigan

I was involved in a VERY low-speed accident (apex 5 MPH). I rear-ended the woman in front of me. No one was hurt and there was nothing major wrong with her car. She insisted that a police report was not necessary. I gave her all of my information, including my insurance policy number and told her to call me if necessary. Her husband called several days later and insisted that there were a few minor problems that needed to be fixed and he got an estimate which included over $300 for a scratch that I never saw. I insisted that we get a second estimate from my mechanic and the man freaked out and said that it's not an option and he wanted it fixed by his mechanic because my mechanic will just "buff" it out and he wants the whole thing re-done. He won't even let me see the car to inspect the scratch for myself. He said that if I don't pay for the entire thing that he will call my insurance company. What exactly is my rights obligation in this situation?


You are entitled to see and verify any supposed damage.
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