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TO OBSERVE, civil law. To perform that which has been prescribed by some law or usage. Dig., 1, 3, 32.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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While the importance of observability and predictability are well supported throughout literature, directability has had much less attention (for example, Christoffersen and Woods 2002; Klein et al.
Previous studies on the adoption of innovation and technologies have shown that Observability is positively related to adoption (Al-Jabri & Sohail, 2012; Teo et al., 1995).
The use of analytic functions in (5) and Assumption 1 guarantee that single-experiment observability of system (5) (necessary for observer construction) is equivalent to the multiple-experiment observability (easily studied by the methods of functions' algebra), see [21].
We then estimated multivariate models with social media frequency (ordinary least squares regression) and total number of ICT platforms (Poisson regression) as dependent variables, and the four attributes of innovations (relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, and observability and trialability) as independent variables (see technical appendix for survey wording and descriptive results for innovation attributes).
Due to the lack of perceived complexity of the new innovation, the trialability of the innovation after decades of building and improving on successful distance education programs, and the observability of profits as a result of implementing fully online programs, distance learning as an innovation achieved swift adoption at the institutional level at NSU.
Describe the perceived relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, observability, and trialability of GM science within each generation; and
As for the final attribute, which is observability, Rogers (2003, p.16) offered that people can easily observe the result of the innovation.
Observability of positive linear systems has been addressed in [20, 21].
In previous literature, the above inequality is called the observability inequality when V = 0.
Unlike the situation from [9] where the initial-boundary value problem for the diffusion equation is considered, here we deal with the Cauchy problem which, by means of the Fourier transform, provides us with observability estimates under appropriate assumptions on the relation between A and B.
Then the observability of the scale factor error and misalignment error is analyzed combined with the typical airborne movement.