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Over the past two years, NNSAs nuclear proliferation detection program has sponsored research efforts that tie the observable impacts of high-explosive tests to activities associated with a nuclear weapons program.
Como hace van Fraassen para explicar que el deberia comprometerse, segun sus propios principios, con observables que existieron en un pasado muy remoto y de los cuales ya no hay ejemplares?
Results reveal that the correction for the mismatch between physical capital and its share reduces the explanatory power of observables by as much as 15 percentage points relative to the standard baseline.
Brown and Finkelstein (2007), Ivaldi (1996), and Makki and Somwaru (2001) provide further empirical evidence on unused observables.
La informacion maximal de un sistema U esta dada por el espacio O de todos los observables que teoricamente es posible construir para el sistema.
The above notifications about quantum observables point out clearly the complete incorrectness of item [I.
Adaptation situation: Some observables allow to track down a change of state in the space of the information of context.
El realista, como he dicho --enseguida profundizare en esta idea--, predica la misma propiedad E tanto de los observables como de los teoricos, mientras que el instrumentalista la predica solo de los observables.
5% level and create only a very slight change in the final photon spectrum and branching ratio calculations; both the photon energy spectrum and the photon polarization observables are therefore dominated by electron bremsstrahlung.
In 1986, he was promoted to technical manager of low observables and special projects and in 1991 joined the B-2 program in advanced projects.
The reports also combine all observable behaviors alphabetically and don't break up these observables into their respective categories.
Quantum states are elements of Hilbert space; quantum observables are Hilbert space operators.