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At last it became an obsession with her, and she made up her mind to force a change in their relations.
He was possessed of an obsession that drove him north.
We sat silent then, my mind running on the end of de Barral, on the irresistible pressure of imaginary griefs, crushing conscience, scruples, prudence, under their ever-expanding volume; on the sombre and venomous irony in the obsession which had mastered that old man.
I could have told him from the beginning that this obsession of his over the coffee was bound to end in a blind alley, but I restrained my tongue.
He was a peasant, with all the peasant's love of the soil, which, in him, had become an obsession, a disease.
It was only on board the schooner, when surrounded by white faces, by unfamiliar sights and sounds, that Karain seemed to forget the strange obsession that wound like a black thread through the gorgeous pomp of his public life.
A serious-minded treatise written to help the reader better focus his or her life on positive goals rather than morbid obsessions, as surely as it is a dissertation of philosophical perspective, Cinderella and the Death Quota is highly recommended.
OBSESSIVE Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder where sufferers have recurring or repeated obsessions and/or compulsions.
It was, he insisted, a museum of obsessions: "Where no obsessions are to be discerned.
Static is reported from the Hubba encampment, where insiders relate of a drastic change in "Buffalo" Keith Cochrane's obsessions.
John Najemy's essay on Leon Battista Alberti's Della famiglia as a parody and a critique of Florentine obsessions with patrilineal succession drives a stake into the heart of the argument that Alberti shared the blatant misogyny of his least lovable interlocutors.
Let no doubt remain about this city's obsession with strange characters and dark obsessions.