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The most common symptoms and signs were obtundation (13 [65%]), prolonged unconsciousness (nine [45%]), respiratory depression (nine [45%]), anxiety/nervousness (seven [35%]), nausea/vomiting (six [30%]), confusion (six [30%]), tremors/twitching (four [20%]), tachycardia (three [15%]), and combativeness (three [15%]).
Kanchi et al (1) also could not demonstrate benefit with the use of Pentax video laryngoscope in terms of obtundation of cardiovascular responses to laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation in patients with ischaemic heart disease and the time taken for intubation was significantly longer in the Pentax video laryngoscope Group.
euthanasia Bangladesh B1 Obtundation B2 Respiratory +/- mild neurologic signs B3 Respiratory +/- neurologic signs B4 Respiratory signs, neurologic signs, and obtundation B5 Neurologic signs and obtundation B6 Respiratory signs, neurologic signs, hemorrhage, and obtundation B7 Neurologic signs B8 Respiratory signs, neurologic signs, and obtundation Malaysia M9 Respiratory signs, neurologic signs, hemorrhage, and obtundation M10 Respiratory signs, neurologic signs, hemorrhage, and obtundation M11 NA M12 Neurologic signs and severe hemorrhage M13 Respiratory signs, hemorrhage, and obtundation M14 Neurologic signs, hemorrhage, and obtundation M15 Neurologic signs, hemorrhage, and obtundation NiV type and ferret no.
On August 20, he required intubation because of frequently vomiting and obtundation. He developed rhabdomyolysis, and his temperature was intermittently as high as 106 F (41 C).
He said warning signs included severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, marked change in temperature from fever to hypothermia, haemorrhagic manifestations, change in mental status like irritability, confusion or obtundation and thrombocytopenia.
(12) They found that use of McCoy laryngoscope resulted in lesser change in heart rate and blood pressure compared to Macintosh laryngoscope when fentanyl was not used in obtundation of stress response.
Complaints or historical elements inconsistent with concussion that should be considered red flags include any focal neurologic complaints, vomiting or headache that worsens after a period of improvement, or obtundation or disorientation that has worsened since the injury.
Neonates who developed CSF abnormalities before first hospital discharge were excluded, as were persons with a physician-documented diagnosis of encephalitis, confusion, or obtundation. A case of enteroviral meningitis was defined as an illness meeting the criteria for aseptic meningitis and, in addition, a positive enterovirus culture of a CSF, rectal swab, or nasopharyngeal specimen, or a positive enterovirus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test of a CSF specimen.
Glucose depletion to the brain rapidly causes impaired neuronal function, manifested by cognitive impairment or depression of level of consciousness, exhibited as obtundation, stupor or coma.
Our patient had obtundation and delirium that persisted after doxycycline therapy was initiated and his fever had resolved.
In the majority of reported studies, coma occurred at levels of 2 to 28 mg/dL, while stupor occurred in the range of 8 to 59 mg/dL and obtundation at 9 to 60 mg/dL.
CONCLUSION: Dexmedetomidine in the dose of 0.6 [micro]g/kg body weight intravenously can be used for obtundation of rise in IOP associated with suxamethonium, laryngoscopy and endo tracheal intubation in patients where rise in IOP can be detrimental.