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The Turing test itself fails the reasonableness principle, and its implementations to date in various competitions have failed the absoluteness, occasionality, flexibility, and transparency principles, a clean sweep of inappropriateness for an AI inducement prize contest.
It finally admitted what Hans-Georg Gadamer has called "occasionality" or "occasional traces" that is, distinct expressions in a concrete temporal and spatial situation, which reveal a person's singularity.
When reflecting on the letter form, More recalls her earlier commentary on the relation between the occasionality of the Pauline epistles and their timelessness.
(8) The Arbury framing speeches embed details of the play's occasionality and textuality, details about the events of performance and the poetic durability of the plays beyond these occasions.
"We will continue to focus on that package, with key occasionality for the Super Bowl and July 4th," he said.