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This essentially means that the moon is passing in front of other notable objects in the sky, an occultation is when an object that appears larger passes in front of an object that appears smaller, (https://eclipse2017.
In 1993 and 1994, James Elliot, then a professor of planetary astronomy and physics at MIT, observed a stellar occultation of Chiron and made the first estimates of its size.
During the occultation the star will disappear behind the 11th magnitude asteroid, which itself should be visible in medium sized instruments.
5038) Overbeek: Named after Michiel Daniel Overbeek (1920 Sep 15--2001 Jul 19), prolific variable star & occultation observer, ASSA President (1961 & 1999) and Gill Medallist (1984).
An occultation happens when one astronomical body passes in front of another, hiding it from our view.
They knew the occultations would be occurring on certain days, (http://www.
Tim Haymes, as Assistant Director for Occultations, continues to encourage observers to participate in monitoring and recording asteroidal occultations, and as a result of the successful Exhibition in Manchester, a further two BAA members expressed an interest in monitoring these events.
5038) Overbeek: Named for Michiel Daniel Overbeek (1920 Sep 15-2001 Jul 19), prolific variable star & occultation observer, ASSA President (1961 & 1999) and Gill Medalist (1984).
A few minor planet occultations were attempted by our regular group of observers but no positive events were observed.
Pluto is the only planet never visited by a spacecraft, and so, for now, occultations are the sole means to study its atmosphere.
4 If you'd like to learn how to time asteroid occultations, start by downloading the free ebook Chasing the Shadow: The IOTA Occultation Observer's Manual from Derek Breit's occultation page (poyntsource.
To achieve all their objectives and to make the most of these rare opportunities, the scientists will have to be quick on their feet, quite literally, because given the KBO's size, the occultations will last for only about two seconds each.