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In November 2011, the group observed a stellar occultation in which Chiron passed in front of a bright star, briefly blocking its light.
The event on January 29 marks the start of a series of occultations that will continue until 2018 September 03.
When seen from multiple vantage points, an occultation can tell researchers about the size and shape of the intervening body.
Observers in the UK and Europe should see an occultation or a very close appulse depending on their location.
Selected asteroid occultations during 2015 Date Time Asteroid V Mar 06 02:01.
The primary technology onboard will be the fourth-generation radio occultation sensor, licensed exclusively by PlanetiQ and based on the gold standard for radio occultation sensors currently on orbit.
Five possible graze occultations occur during the period.
This change will allow us to probe Pluto's atmosphere at lower altitudes than is usually possible with stellar occultations," he added.
Kos Coronaios in Louis Trichardt has been experimenting with photographing lunar occultations of bright objects and has obtained some interesting results.
During such events, called occultations, Pluto casts a moving shadow across Earth as it blocks a star's light.
Selected lunar occultations of stars, planets and asteroids during 2014 Date Occultation details Feb 14 omicron Leonis (3.
Section programmes relating to topographic study, transient lunar phenomena and occultations continue to be revised to accommodate new approaches, and the Director is grateful, as ever, to the coordinators of those programmes.