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The police suspected an occultist or a godman behind the deaths.
In Lovecraft's fiction, the fact that beings invoked by occultists, such as Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep, are deceitful and would consume their followers in some way is also part of the horror, part of his larger point.
This was Britain's most bizarre wartime propaganda exercise - and its architect was former Worcestershire schoolboy Cecil Williamson, a highprofile occultist.
However, I would like to state that I, like Denis Saurat avers about European philosophical poets in his old but veritable study, cannot affirm that Fernando Pessoa was a practicing occultist. (1) He might or might not have been--regardless of his own admission that he was not--a member of any secret society that could provide him with "ready-made" ideas.
The occultist believes he or she has uncovered significant truths regarding reality that are hidden for various reasons from most people.
Consequently, the aim of this paper is to show, with reference to such novels as The house of Doctor Dee and Hawksmoor, Ackroyd's personal response to London's past and present; to the creation and recreation of its substance and spirit; finally to the numerous voices of "occultists, mystics, visionaries" as well as rationalists, all being Londoners.
Stevie's circles are a linear representation of the kind of metaphor that occultists, like Grasset and others, use to describe "Psychical Radiations":
Detectives will interview occultists about the mysterious death of a parish councillor pulled from the sea by a fishing boat, police said yesterday.
It's a lovely small Somerset town with historic abbey and shops full of healers, alternative therapists, crystal gazers and occultists. The ancient streets are overlooked by the Tor, a hill with Arthurian connections that is the home of the king of the fairies, Gwyn ap Nudd.
In this sparkling miscellany (Angelo Poliziano's term for this genre) we are introduced into a gallery of humanists, artists, scientists, inventors, printers, critics and hypercritics, antiquarians, archeologists, travelers, encyclopedists, philosophers, occultists, visionaries, pedants, and forgers, all joined in the pursuit of learned "revelation"; and we are brought back in this anxious age of urgent innovation to an awareness of the perennial and productive confrontation between ancients and moderns.
And so it was that in the mid-'80s some occultists in California--not a pagan group, my informant stresses, though there were some pagans among them--attempted to channel the Amazing Spider-Man.
Archaeological expert Dr Kasper Brecht said the occultists alleged that during the rite the Devil himself appeared and left the pitchfork behind.