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Therpa in his 50s became easy target of the occultists as he remained alone in his house.
The occultist already knows that mirrors can span the gulf of time, for they have been used to look into the future - and the past.
In England, especially, many intellectuals and artists flocked to the promise of esoteric knowledge and wisdom the occultists promised.
However, I would like to state that I, like Denis Saurat avers about European philosophical poets in his old but veritable study, cannot affirm that Fernando Pessoa was a practicing occultist.
THE GRASSY KNOLL "They are a bizarre cabal of dastardly occultists banded together to control the world.
While psychologists agreed that trance phenomena made the subconscious self empirically accessible, some saw there only pathological impulses and sought to purge their field of metaphysical implications, while others, joined by spiritists and occultists, saw there the key to the soul and the basis for a tangible, fact-based, modern form of spirituality.
However, the breadth of explanation given the different alternative religions, the scope of the films investigated, and the text's unique subject matter make it a volume to be given serious consideration by libraries, occultists, religious studies specialists, and film scholars who tilt toward the fantastic.
Duke marshals the evidence that Hitler and his henchmen were neo-pagan occultists.
In The Worlds of Melancholy: Robert Burton in Context (Cambridge University Press, 2006), Angus Gowland submerges The Anatomy of Melancholy in an expansive range of traditions and texts, putting Burton into conversation with neo-Galenic physicians, Aristotelian philosophers, Paracelsians, Calvinist preachers, Arminian divines, Jacobean political theorists, and Neoplatonic occultists, to name just a few points of contact.
Through the years I have known a considerable array of occultists and pseudo-scientists.
Listening intently to the voices of various rationalists and scientists, as well as occultists and visionaries, the author removes layer after layer of the city's substance in order to define its spirit and "consolidate its origins" (Ackroyd 2000a: 229).
The word pagan means ``country dweller,'' and faiths that fall into the pagan category are closely related to the Earth, sun, moon and stars, including witches, wiccans, astrologers, heathens, reconstructionists, occultists, numerologists and those who follow American Indian philosophies and practices.