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Pearsall believes that the Squire's use of rhetorical devices like occupatio and diminutio "convey very strongly the impression that the Squire has been showing what he can do, and that his tale is regarded by everyone, including himself (at first, anyway), as an experimental opportunity to show his paces" (91).
A fisherman was more likely to have his name and occupatio nal title noted than a fisherwoman.
However, the large majority of pension managers wanted employers to have the right to make "superior" occupational schemes compulsory, or to deprive employees of company contributions into a stakeholder pension when they opted out of a superior occupatio nal scheme.
Dependent variable Independent variable Total Age Industry Occupatio n
La seconda lezione inaugura il percorso inverso nella dinamica tra la villa e la citta e dunque tra ozio e occupatio.
To a large extent, its internal incompleteness results from the Squire's heavy use of rhetorical devices, like the modesty topos and occupatio, which have received much critical attention (e.
From Otium & Occupatio to Work & Labor in Italian Culture una famiglia meridionale che emigra al nord, una specie di seguito ideale di La terra trema [.
On Petrarch's treatise, see Cherchi's insightful analysis of the work, with many pertinent considerations on the concepts of occupatio and otiositas, and on the seven canonical hours.