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For 12,622 of these individual/year observations, or 79 percent, the employer provides an occupational pension.
If you change occupation you could leave the fund where it is (to grow without making any additional contributions) or transfer the amount into your new occupational pension scheme, or even transfer it to your own personal pension plan (after taking suitable advice).
The essence of this judgement is relatively easy to see how the price of individual private contracts are costed but European judgements are rarely conclusive and how the ruling potentially affects occupational pension schemes is open to debate.
He received an occupational pension of pounds 44 a month, plus a lump sum of pounds 2,300.
Recent changes in the law mean that most companies with more than five employees now have to offer you either membership of an occupational pension scheme or access to a stakeholder pension scheme.
In contrast to Sweden and Denmark, the introduction of a public occupational pension system has never been seriously considered in the Netherlands.
This will go some way to easing the despair felt by many employers who provide occupational pensions for their staff," he said.
The occupational pension insurance for the private sector employees (TEL), covering 50 per cent of the working-age population at the end of 1990, is administrated by various institutions under the close control of the Ministry of TABULAR DATA OMITTED Social Affairs and Health(29).
Hannah's other major focus is the state's influence on the occupational pension movement.
Examines the current shape of the occupational pension plans and explores the risk distribution of defined benefit and defined contribution schemes.
The resolution stresses the need for people working abroad to be able to acquire and preserve occupational pension entitlements across the EU.
Annual pensions are now worth more than pounds 240,000, and are 24 times bigger than the average occupational pension, said the report.

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