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QUADROON. A person who is descended from a white person, and another person who has an equal mixture of the European and African blood. 2 Bailey, 558. Vide Mulatto.

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Shreve strategically recasts Miss Rosa's narrative, so that a picture of the octoroon mistress and her son is found in the metal case rather than Judith's gift of her photograph to Bon.
His narrative is refracted by an unnamed late-twentieth-century narrator's descriptions of some of his daguerreotypes and by diary entries from his octoroon mistress, a practitioner of voodoo.
Possibly, this new centennial biography informs us, a Bengali octoroon, grandson of an 'all but certainly' illegitimate, half-caste daughter of an Indian civil servant, Beardsley, 'trapped in an uncongenial job and an unsatisfactory body', was, in the twenty-six years allotted to him, to succeed in firmly fixing his place upon the canvas of modern art.
After waking up late one morning, she calls herself David's "lazy naked octoroon half-caste wife" and "wild girl" (KL/EH 422.
DION BOUCICAULT, THE OCTOROON (1859), reprinted in EARLY AMERICAN DRAMA 444, 463 (Jeffrey H.
When newspapers emphasized that Paul Robeson, a "full-blooded negro," would be playing the part of Jim instead of an octoroon, numerous political leaders and factions denounced the production extensively.
Compson asserts many times that "Henry loved Bon" (71, etc); Shreve, speaking with Quentin, imagines Henry "aping [Bon's] clothing carriage speech and all" (252), and late both imagine that Henry's desire to imitate Bon would have been strong enough to take on a mixed-race mistress if possible, a fact which even an unspecified outside narrative voice supports: "since both he and Shreve believed--and were probably right in this too--that the octoroon and the child would have been to Henry only something else about Bon to be, not envied but aped if that had been possible" (268-69).
Second, we see how everything here revolves around the unnamed Bon, who is presented as an "intending bigamist" (already married to a New Orleans octoroon mistress)--thus the prohibition--but still hidden as consanguineous and racially other.
When he develops his "bigamy theory" for Bon's mysterious death by replacing Judith--whose picture the dead Bon's locket holds in Rosa's eyewitness account--with the "passing" octoroon (75, 114), this narrative operation carries an ideologically disruptive implication as it assumes the visual homogeneity between white and passing-white women.
43) Head-to-head rivalry arose once more in 1866 over one of Boucicault's current crowd-pullers: having just played The Corsican Brothers, the Royal got in first with The Octoroon on 23 April 'till further notice', before the Queen's could present its own production of the play, with visiting stars, in the following week.
Love has used her music to talk about her tough childhood and her struggles living as a light-skinned African-American; in 1990 she released her first record, Z Therapy, on her own label, Octoroon Biography.