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The delivery of a new version of ODBC further demonstrates the depth of our commitment to this important data-access specification.
After an exhaustive evaluation of drivers on the market, it was clear that DataDirect Connect for ODBC not only offered the cross-platform connectivity that our IT group needed, it gave us the performance and scalability that our customers demand.
The DataDirect ODBC drivers and Developer's Toolkit are part of the INTERSOLV Development Suite (IDS).
DataDirect Technologies has played a strong leadership role in the ODBC standard from the beginning, its executives serving as industry experts on ODBC panels and supporters of the ODBC Verification Suite, contributing more than 20 years of staff development.
We selected INTERSOLV's ODBC drivers because of their performance, quality and cross-platform support.
The newest version of DataDirect Connect for ODBC offers additional benefits and support to specific databases, including:
INTERSOLV today is delivering the most robust ODBC support, and establishing ODBC as a cross-platform standard," said David Waller, INTERSOLV's DataDirect product line manager.
com, the Developer Center offers in-depth analysis and technical information on DataDirect Technologies' new products, related standards-based interfaces such as ODBC, JDBC and ADO.
Our ODBC driver brings to these developers the same SQL Server connection and data manipulation capabilities that their Windows-based peers have.
0 for Windows can purchase INTERSOLV's DataDirect ODBC drivers at a 30 percent discount.
DataDirect Connect64 for ODBC is built on the same market leading technology used in DataDirect Connect for ODBC, giving customers a consistent interface as they move applications from 32-bit to 64-bit technology.
A true pioneer in solving modern data management challenges for the enterprise, Hortonworks is providing the Apache Hadoop community and technology ecosystem with a full spectrum of tools to unleash the power of big data, said George Chow, CTO at Simba Technologies, developer of the ODBC driver.