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Unlike Ed Balls and his Labour Cabinet colleagues, not all are millionaires: many people need these odd jobs to make ends meet and feed their families.
Contract for maintenance of the system of supervision UAE fire detection and realization of odd jobs adaptation.
Schiff also revealed that her inspiration came from an odd-looking fellow at the Hollywood Race Track whose job it was to time the horse races and thinking up other odd jobs came from research, word-of-mouth and luck.
The reforms include addressing the issue of unemployed foreigners, mainly unskilled labourers from Asia, doing odd jobs illegally to survive.
It is believed the rogue traders are going door to door offering to do gardening or other odd jobs.
Margaret explained that William, 81, struggles to do odd jobs around the house, as he suffers from lung fibrosis and osteoarthritis in his back.
Roy Hammond, in mitigation, said James had been doing odd jobs to help a man but had breached that trust and had apologised.
Six in 10 couples fall out over odd jobs - with arguments about unfinished work, noise and mess.
Kirklees Council will spend pounds 300,000 over the next three years helping with odd jobs.
He didn't bother about mundane things such as clothing and feeding me, so I started to earn from 12 years of age doing odd jobs.
Britain's children are collectively earning nearly pounds 700 million a year carrying out odd jobs and running errands, a survey showed yesterday.
WARWICKSHIRE fire service is urging DIY enthusiasts to take care while doing odd jobs around the house this bank holiday.