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The two have created a "fairytale" book of the odd jobs they've had over the years, listing every activity they've taken on to survive.
He is a registered sex offender who had been doing odd jobs at the church for the six weeks prior to Angelika disappearing.
For the same reason that I like other closeout operations -- and better yet, 99 cent stores -- I love walking through the doors of Odd Jobs and thinking that I can afford nearly every item in the store.
He has worked at odd jobs since the mill fire, but officially returned to forestry as the owner and president of French River Forest Products when it opened to the public October 27.
She has set up home in Appleby, Cumbria, with her elderly lover, who did odd jobs at the manse.
A grandson of former slaves, Gaston was born in 1892 and started his climb up the corporate ladder doing a variety of odd jobs including work as a bellhop and as an iron worker, where he earned $3.
Simon was a crazy man with crazy ideas about everything and nothing but odd jobs and mules strong enough to pull the days of the week apart.
Delinda Smith, owner of Smith EtCetera in Little Rock, says she performs odd jobs, although her business focuses on surveying land with her husband, Sherman.
The show also stars Nicole Ritchie, and follows the girls as they leave behind the comforts of life in Beverly Hills and hit the road working odd jobs along the way.
When Liverpudlians were asked what odd jobs they do feel confident undertaking, just 56 per cent said putting up a shelf, 42 per cent said fixing a leaking tap, 23 per cent said fitting a sound system and 58 per cent said unblocking a drain.
ED Balls has tried to draw a line under controversy over his comments about getting receipts for cash-in-hand odd jobs, insisting he had never said that all voters should do it.
Contract notice: Support the integration of people struggling in the world of work through media services: handling and odd jobs.