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acts here, as in all other cases, with the strictest oeconomy, and produces a multitude of effects from one and the same cause; and sympathy, a power which has always been taken notice of, and with which the mind is manifestly endowed, is, I think, sufficient to account for all the effects ascribed to this peculiar faculty.
In Christian Oeconomy, for example, Perkins suggests that a husband "ought not in modesty to challenge the privilege of preserving and advertising [taking note of, overseeing] his wife in all matters domestical, but in some to leave her to her own will and judgment" (428).
Church leaders in Germany dismantled the Oeconomy in 1762, privatized businesses and property, and shifted the financial responsibility of supporting the missions to the broader Unity.
The overriding intentions of the act to give greater publicity to the financial affairs of the executive and to control spending on the civil list were clearly established in the preamble with the need for "introducing a better Order and Oeconomy in the Civil List Establishments, and for the better Security of the Liberty and Independency of Parliament.
In their wider forms, police and oeconomy overlapped.
More pertinently, Karl Rosencranz reports that Hegel devoted three months in 1799 to digesting Steuart's Principles of Political Oeconomy (1767) and composing a commentary that was subsequently lost.
1786, Observations on Certain Parts of the Animal Oeconomy, Casfle Street, Londres.
Pointing to the irrational character the new credit economy appeared to have, Cecilia compares "the different estimates of expence and oeconomy made by the dissipated and the charitable" and concludes that Harrel's "neglect" in paying his bills merely indicates a notion of money handling that does not correspond with her own (p.
This oeconomy [16] of policing began to break down around the 17th century as the static, stable, rural communities of Europe began to break up.
To Law's doctrines, Steuart in his 1767 An Enquiry into the Principles of Political Oeconomy added four more.
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19 The Oeconomy of the Fleete, or an apologeticall Answeare of Alexander Harris, (Late Warden there) unto XIX.