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Bennet Cuthbertson, from A System for the Compleat Interior Management and Oeconomy of a Battalion of Infantry.
F course, the best hope for the North East Oeconomy in the current climate is that the private sector can provide the stimulus for the recovery.
Carelessness and want of oeconomy are universally disapproved of, not, however, as proceeding from a want of benevolence, but from the want of the proper attention to the objects of self-interest.
all property was owned by the church, individuals employed by the Oeconomy lived frugally in common dormitories while the income they generated went into godly projects.
Nakazawa examines the economic thought of Edmund Burke and finds it less a matter of straightforward laissez-faire technical determinations than of subtle "political oeconomy.
An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Oeconomy, 2 vols.