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The Oedipus complex is not only a crucial step in the development of a sexually normal adult, but it also has a central place in the discipline of psychoanalysis itself.
It is a commonplace of psychoanalytic criticism to note that the Oedipus complex is precisely a narrative, possessing inexorable drive of narration toward its own conclusion and offering the reader multiple points of identification--just as the child must identify with the mother and the father to negotiate successfully the twin poles of the complex (Freud, "Passing" 169).
Because the discourse of race is governed by the dominant white cultural symbolic order, Du Bois's concept essentially pertains to the Oedipus complex, to identification derived from interpellation within a Symbolic social identity as black.
Immediately after the murder, Grey kills himself, and his suicide also fits the Freudian claim of the importance of overcoming the Oedipus complex en route to a healthy mental development (Freud, "Special Type").
I've mentioned the Oedipus complex, in which two aspects are mixed.
From there it moves to Lacan's stress on the symbolic in his re-conceptualizations of the unconscious and the Oedipus complex.
His entry into the Oedipus stage and the resolution of the Oedipus complex are prevented with the absence of his father, and his ongoing attachment to the mother.
So in Hamlet, "libidinal trends belonging to the Oedipus complex [and to Sophocles's play] are in part desexualized and sublimated .
Juliet Mitchell's book Psychoanalysis and Feminism (1974) argues that Freud's analysis of the Oedipus complex is key to understanding how patriarchal ideology perpetuates itself through the institution of the family-as-mediator between nature (biology) and culture (social rules and roles).
That Hamlet has distinctively modern psychological problems has become a cliche since Ernest Jones's path-breaking essay on Hamlet and the Oedipus complex in 1910.
Heather Mills may be madder than a syphilitic king with an Oedipus complex, but I don't believe her behaviour is pushing her hubby into a pit of depression.
The first phase of psychoanalytic criticism derived from Freud's own interpretation of literary texts, and emphasizes the Oedipus complex, instinct, and drive theory.