Of Course

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Of Course

Any action or step that an individual might take during judicial proceedings without being required to ask the judge's permission or that will receive the judge's automatic approval if the individual does ask permission; that which is a matter of right.

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OF COURSE. That which may be done, in the course of legal proceedings, without making any application to the court; that which is granted by the court without further inquiry, upon its being asked; as, a rule to plead is a matter of course.

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Long-term retention of course material was also assessed using an unannounced test one year later.
The course descriptions, though detailed, do not, of course, show all the detail of the courses.
However, from a technical and management viewpoint, another model of course development--the team approach--is more appropriate to online education.
Grading criteria includes depth of thought, reflection related to core values, synthesis of course concepts, creativity, exploration of new ideas, writing and artistic presentation.
Of course, the completion of the community-based project, as summarized above, reflected the primary vehicle for meeting this goal.
For example, Hutchens (2004b) demonstrated that the number of items read and number of course hits are positively correlated with student performance.
There were four items on the Extrinsic Goal Orientation subscale, with three items focusing on importance of course grades and one item focusing on the approval of others.
When we ranked the level of course multimedia integration and the level of instructor training participation, it appeared that there was a positive relationship between these two factors; that is, the higher level of multimedia integration in online courses was associated with more multimedia training for instructors.
com/certification and for more information on how to become an iQcenter, please contact Chris Elkhill of Course Technology at 617-757-8023 or chris.
Course Technology, a worldwide leader in computer education publishing, and NETg, a leading global provider of innovative e-learning solutions, will leverage the compatibility of Course Technology's and NETg's industry-leading modular course structures to target exact learner-level skill or knowledge needs.
Improved perceptions of the course most probably occurred as students became more knowledgeable concerning course expectations and gained a better grasp of course material.
This line of instructor-led training materials is not only providing corporate training centers and continuing education departments with a resource for easing the transition into Microsoft's Office XP software, but it is giving them an intelligent and flexible solution to educate XP users," says Joe Dougherty, CEO of Course Technology.