Of Record

Of Record

Entered on the appropriate official documents maintained by a governmental body and that are usually available for inspection by the public.

A mortgage is of record when it is entered in the appropriate records of the clerk in the area where the mortgaged property is located. When it is recorded, notice is thereby provided to anyone interested in purchasing the land that it is subject to certain encumbrances.

An attorney of record is the lawyer whose name is contained in the records of the court as the principal lawyer handling an action.


Recording of Land Titles.

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Operating with the same level of record authenticity as True Write Once media, Compliant Write Once adds the ability to physically destroy selected files.
Courses and workshops that address the issue of record keeping and confidentiality for school counselors generally warn that keeping detailed notes can lead to the betrayal of any confidentiality the student may have presumed at the time the counseling session began.
Records are displayed in three formats: title only, regular (title, description, and origin of record as either expert or robot created), and long (accessed by clicking on "More Info" in the full display).
Based on a review of all the facts of record, including a review of relevant state statutes, the Board finds that all conditions for an interstate acquisition enumerated in section 3(d) are met in this case.
Bands have been dropped since the beginning of record companies, that's nothing new.
The permittee should submit a semi-annual report for the 12 consecutive month totals of the product produced that is causing emissions with an annual limit by July 30 of the calendar year of record and by January 30 of the year following the calendar year of record, unless otherwise approved by the State.
(49) Because very few members of the upper ranks of society would have appeared in this type of record, such observations must remain tentative, but it is doubtful that too many of them would be listed in an official document as the blind one, for instance.
(9) The benefit of large-scale databases is the ability to eliminate -- through the use of record keys, pointers, and tables -- redundant data.
The vast majority of today's "gangsta" rappers are, at the systemic urging of record companies big and small, simply copying copies - repeating and rerepeating the same tired words and themes heard countless times before.
(10) In view of all the facts of record, the Board is permitted to approve the proposal under section 3(d) of the BHC Act.
Where a taxpayer uses electronic data interchange processes and technology, the level of record detail, in combination with other records related to the transactions, must be equivalent to that contained in an acceptable paper record.