Of Record

Of Record

Entered on the appropriate official documents maintained by a governmental body and that are usually available for inspection by the public.

A mortgage is of record when it is entered in the appropriate records of the clerk in the area where the mortgaged property is located. When it is recorded, notice is thereby provided to anyone interested in purchasing the land that it is subject to certain encumbrances.

An attorney of record is the lawyer whose name is contained in the records of the court as the principal lawyer handling an action.


Recording of Land Titles.

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In the evenings they would sit around the cleared supper table, she doing odd jobs of mending, Martin reading, checking up the interest dates on his mortgages or making entries in his account book, while Bill at his books, would study to the accompaniment of record after record, blissfully unconscious of what a thorn in the flesh he and his music were to both his parents.
Operating with the same level of record authenticity as True Write Once media, Compliant Write Once adds the ability to physically destroy selected files.
Courses and workshops that address the issue of record keeping and confidentiality for school counselors generally warn that keeping detailed notes can lead to the betrayal of any confidentiality the student may have presumed at the time the counseling session began.
Records are displayed in three formats: title only, regular (title, description, and origin of record as either expert or robot created), and long (accessed by clicking on "More Info" in the full display).
Hence, except for EDI transactions where no paper record may exist, the Regulation is not intended to create a preference or priority of one form of record (or one form of audit) over the other.
Advocates of quality who see excellence essentially as adherence to code, fullness of record, and scrupulous accuracy at the expense of timely access and at a higher price than managers can justify are on the wane.
A taxpayer is not required to create hardcopy documents for purposes of record retention if no such document is produced in the ordinary course of business, unless requested by the Service.
The implementation of record management practices is a business decision that is solely within the discretion of the taxpayer.
91-59 - should address not only issues such as EDI and the application of section 6001 to records created on personal (micro) computers, but more fundamental questions such as the availability of record retention agreements between taxpayers and the IRS, the requirements that taxpayers provide computer resources to the IRS to process machine-sensible records, and whether a record evaluation by a CAS constituted an examination for purposes of section 7605(b) of the Internal Revenue Code.
serves as the agency of record, a roster shop or a project shop for companies including: Redhook Ales Brewery, Washington State Department of Health Anti-Tobacco Campaign, the Seattle Storm, the Seattle Art Museum, Converse, Marshall Field's and Nintendo.
We recommend that this provision be clarified to specifically allow IRS personnel to enter into an agreement providing that records, or a specific type of record need to be maintained.