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The department must expand its view of consequence management in several ways.
The focus was on using open-ended elicitation methods for mapping the domain of consequences of STD prevention measures that are salient to this age group, and on generating empirically based hypotheses for further study.
Susan Schneider quickly moves beyond the clichA[c], however, in her engaging and fast-paced The Science of Consequences: How They Affect Genes, Change the Brain, and Impact our World.
This is because there are other characteristics of consequences in addition to just the positive and negative aspects.
Finally, the time frame of consequences under assessment in Study 2 was 30 days, as opposed to 90 days used in the previous study (Tonigan & Miller, 2002).
The Center for Civic Education's secondary-level We the People ignores the acceptance of consequences in its answer to the question, "Must you obey bad rules?" Another senior government text (American Government, by Steven Kelman) implies that all peaceful protest is legal protest and describes King's nonviolent activities without explaining civil disobedience.
Examples include, "Violence on TV usually doesn't show the 'aftermath' of the victim;" "TV violence goes away the minute the director stops shooting, but real life violence results in many consequences;" and "In TV no one gets seriously hurt and hardly ever punished." Thus, the concepts of consequences and rewards/punishments--introduced and defined in the curriculum--had a central place in post-program responses.
* Provide a loving and safe set of consequences. (Many campers may not have had such exposure.) Praise positive behaviors and redirect negative behaviors through reasoning, distraction, withdrawal of privileges, and natural consequences.
Officials should view this right as more than a minor consideration in the balancing of consequences. In some situations, the consequences could prove significant enough that the administrator may decide not to use the deception.
Awareness of consequences can be based on factual knowledge or on belief.