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The next edition of Off Beat is to be held at the Katara Art Centre on May 29.
uk/buyaphoto ref: 00952222; CREATIVE: Members of the Off Beat designs team from the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle, who were runners-up in the Young Enterprise company of the year competition.
We have finally realised that the way to ride him is to drop him out," said Gaie Johnson Houghton, wife of the winning trainer, after Steve Carson had driven Off Beat to catch Fools Entire close home.
The competition consists entirely of relays, including conventional distance such as the 400- and 1,600-meter relays and some off beat ones like the 8-by-200-meter and shuttle hurdle relays.
With a witty off beat humor, Love Triangle: Dating Challenge tests your relationship skills by pushing you to score with the man of your dreams, who happens to be your best friend's boyfriend