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AS Norris in Coronation Street, actor Malcolm Hebden used to make me reach for the off button.
Find out where the computer's off button is and use it.
Some would say there is an off button, but I pay to watch - and watch good TV.
Given that the audience in Birmingham voted firmly with their fingers - on the off button - giving Mr Patel one of the biggest rating flops since Eldorado - wouldn't he be better off shelving plans for a second series and setting up a chat room website where INK fans can reminisce about the good old days?
Thankfully, the remote was snatched from him just before he hit the off button.
repair of the on / off button and preventive maintenance of blood pressure pump and cable change pulse oximeter monitor brand mindray pm-9000,repair and maintenance of electrocardiograph 3-channel digital brand, model 2007-12 decg-03a, see: 1.
But we can all play our part - hit the off button on the remote.
THE man who invented the TV remote control has hit the off button.
Neath got off to a great start, fly-half Paul Williams hitting the lift- off button by slotting a first minute drop-goal, but Geraint Davies failed to capitalise on their pressure by missing two penalties.
There is nothing more likely to make me go for the off button than two men kissing.
A HOSPITAL patient bled to death during an operation after medics accidentally hit an emergency power off button with a trolley.
Thanks to the news of the obnoxious, drivelling one's forthcoming acting role in BBC1's Hotel Babylon, I now understand the value of a widescreen telly, volume controls and the off button.