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single-note approach, a two-note setup can be employed for the off-beat
Touch Of Cloth ANOTHER cop role , this time joining forces with John Hannah to catch the bad guys in this off-beat action comedy.
"It's imaginative and creative and offers something for everyone - from the self-confessed science geeks to those who are simply curious to find out more and enjoy some fun, off-beat activities." Among the star attractions is giant pneumatic dragon Elsie.
However in his inimitable style Walliams adds some off-beat characters such as the burger man who has novel ideas for his hamburger mixture and Raj the newsagent who sells chocolates that have been 'taste-tested' by Zoe.
The writing is quirky, off-beat and full of jokes, which makes the book entertaining and a funny read.
The preface includes a legend for interpreting articulation marks and addresses elementary jazz performance techniques such as off-beat articulation with straight eighths ("Life's a Beach" and "Off-Beat Runner"), and with swinging eighths ("Travelling South," "Destination Jazz," "Blues for Rosa," "Paul's Blues" and "Timeless Summer.") The book includes only one type of ornamentation, a short chromatic grace note played before the principal note.
Much like his earlier Looking For Eric, it's a charming and off-beat comedy drama that goes down very easily.
It's predominantly a live recording, too, which beefs up the energy levels.Try Balahto, for example, for a really catchy melody played by the horns, with that characteristic Afrogroove and off-beat thwacks from Gurtu forming spicy contrast to the more straightahead power drumming from Phillips.
That Katy On A Mission was clumsily mixed off-beat into The Streets' Blinded By The Lights, just when it was taking off, summed up the night.
Aquino can also take credit for bringing off-beat brands to the city -- he recently brokered a deal for Indian haute couture brand Kamaya to lease 4,300-square-feet at 717 Madison Avenue between 63rd and 64th streets.
An off-beat look at one of the new office buildings in Old Hall Street produced Cyran Dorman's semi-abstract study of steelwork, while the same theme of hunting for patterns in everyday life lies behind Lost Control's riot of colour of tomatoes on a Parisian market stall, appropriately entitled I see Red.
Veejay-turned-actor Purab Kohli, known for off-beat films like My Brother Nikhil and Rock On, says he desires to work in an out-and-out Bollywood masala film to reach out to masses.