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UNIQUE Pete Firman who combines his magic with off-beat humour.
There are plenty of other off-beat stories concerning Cardiff City players.
This is particularly helpful for any passages that involve off-beat playing by one part or the other; feeling that on-beat/off-beat relationship internally can promote a successful first rehearsal.
From family walks and hikes to beaches and off-beat day treks, over a hundred walks cover a range of regions and activity levels and come with maps, trailhead directions of descriptions of the hike.
YOU'D be lucky to find this off-beat chippy by chance, but the uniformed staff live up to their bold window message promising excellent standards.
One that struck my eye was True North: Alternate and Off-Beat Destinations in and around Duluth, Superior, and Shores of Lake Superior, by Tony Dierkens and Kerry Elliot, published in 2002 by Adventures Publications in Cambridge, Minnesota.
Despite this disavowal, there is an off-beat logic at work here, a return to certain themes.
uk/fun) on the web, an area where its customers can find humorous, light-hearted, off-beat fun applications.
For those who mourned the passing of the delightful Suzuki Swift GLS, they have another champion of the off-beat triple motor.
According to the company, the brewery off-beat name comes from Phillipon's previous occupation as a philosophy professor.
There are stories about local characters, off-beat events, and international vignettes that draw the reader to the actual scene and the ordinary or extraordinary people who figure in the sketches.