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The GXP285 delivers superior audio quality with its HD handset and speakerphone, supports a number of advanced telephony features including hold, mute, transfer, forward, 3-way conference, XML customization of LCD screen, off-hook auto dial, auto answer, click-to-dial, downloadable ringtones, server redundancy and fail-over support, as well as security protection (SRTP and AES encryption of configuration file).
Stainless steel panel, telephone panel size dimension 11 H x 9 W x 4 D; 18 armored cord handset; Background noise reduction to allow public to hear above the freeway traffic row; Internal volume control; Auto hang-up / auto shut off to prevent inadvertent off-hook condition; Mechanical hookswitch; Weather proof and rust proof; Fire proof; Circuit board~s approximate size 7 H x 4 W x 3 D or smaller; Instruction label for handset operation (English and Spanish), size 2 H X 3 W, font~s color black,background~s color copper gold.
While most mainstream vendors are not challenged by this requirement, buyers need to be sure their proposed solution can, in fact, support multiple gateways and off-hook agents without "tromboning" or "doglegging" calls (i.
Tenders are invited for Magneto Phone Model M-14, Designed For Defense, Also Complying With All Clauses Of Spec Irs: Tc: 36/97 Latest With In-Built Battery Box, Off-Hook Ringing Facility, Heavy Duty Cords With Clamp Anchoring And Funnel Grommets Noise Sheltered Mouthpiece Etc Usable As Desk Top Or As Wall Mounted Vertically Or Similar
When a telephone is answered, an off-hook message is sent back to the originating Central Office Switch.