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NetSpeed, Digital Off-Hook, LoopRunner, ADSLAM, FireRunner, and SpeedRunner are trademarks of NetSpeed, Inc.
These applications leverage common user information such as on-hook, off-hook status, authentication and personal preferences to work with desktop client software compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems to consolidate communications services control with point, click, smile and talk activation.
Service providers and end users will benefit from utilizing NetSpeed's Digital Off-Hook technology.
MSA was unaware of the ability for the Amcat solution to transmit campaign specific Caller ID on any dynamically seized trunk and MSA omitted mention that the Amcat solution measures events provided by the telephone network for determining off-hook status, switching of the call to an agent and consistently delivering the 'First Hello'.
FireRunner and Digital Off-Hook are trademarks of NetSpeed, Inc.
Clare's LITELINK III IC offers a broad feature set including high-voltage isolation, proper AC and DC phone line terminations, 2-to-4 wire hybrid function, on-hook and off-hook detection, caller ID and ring detect circuitry.
Using Ellipsys Technologies' proprietary technique, Expert Call Analysis (ECA), the All Call Analyzer simultaneously monitors and captures the ABCD signaling bits, digits and call progress tones on up to 96 DS-0s (four T-1s) and/or three analog POTS line and translates this data into corresponding call events such as dialed digits, on-hook, off-hook, flash, ring and channel connection.