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Ali Zafar informed the court NAB started inquiry on the charges of assets beyond income and off-shore companies.
The areas of cooperation would include technical capacity building for management of off!shore wind projects, measures to develop and sustain a highly efficient wind industry, onshore as well as offshore, measures to ensure high quality of wind turbines, components, and certification requirements' forecasting and scheduling of off-shore wind, it added.
The proof included details of foreign investments made by Asif and details of benami transactions made through his wife's foreign bank accounts for buying off-shore properties and other assets.
As in the past, the 2019 edition will offer a varied mix of in-port stadium-style races and longer off-shore coastal legs.
He is accused of owning off-shore companies in the British Virgin Islands and owning assets beyond his known source of income.
Moreover, it had been reported that Khan is making frantic efforts to get himself cleared of the off-shore company and other allegations from the bureau".
Tourism Bureau Director-General Chou Yung-hui said during the book launch event that Taiwan's offshore islands have their distinctive charm, and that he hoped people could take the book with them and plan an off-shore island trip to discover more beautiful scenery these islands have to offer.
should be taken against those who had engaged in corrupt practices and set up off-shore companies in Panama.
Notably, the BJP-led Goa government had last month promised in its 'common minimum programme' to shift the off-shore casinos from the river.
With the upcoming Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) and its resulting tax reporting complexity, combining on- and off-shore tax applications within a single platform is a time- and cost-effective approach.
The strategy behind launching a branch in DIFC is to access off-shore markets and improve capabilities in forex operations.