Office book

OFFICE BOOK, evidence. A book kept in a public office, not appertaining to a court, authorized by the law of any state.
     2. An exemplification, (q.v.) of any such office book, when authenticated under the act of congress of 27th March, 1804, Ingers' Dig. 77, is to have such faith and credit, given to it in every court and office within the United States, as such exemplification has by law or usage in the courts or offices of the state from whence the same has been taken.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dear Editor, I am compiling a brief biography of William Milton Henderson for the Meteorological Office book of remembrance.
(Foreign Office Book: 2005 - 2006,
She would pay regular monthly repayments of around pounds 1,000 and even handed over her Post Office book so Rees could withdraw all her benefits on a weekly basis.
Under the table is a basket that holds my office book, spiritual books, and a pen and journal.
Bezuidenhout, in An Italian Office Book of the Late Thirteenth Century, published in 1990, (17) describes Manuscript Grey 6.b.4 as a late thirteenth-century secular office book from Central or Southern Italy.
For those interested in reading about how mail travels, try The Post Office Book: Mail and How It Moves (HarperTrophy, 1986) by Gail Gibbons.
The man then grabbed the woman's purse, which contained cash, a bus pass and her Post Office book, before he and his accomplice fled the home in Vicarage Avenue in Stockton.
Putting It On Paper: The Ground Rules for Creating Promotional Pieces that Sell Books is a must have for the author office book shelf.
A 62-YEAR-OLD man with learning difficulties had cash and a post office book taken when bogus callers called at his Leamington home.
``He went around her home and she later discovered a quantity of cash missing as well as her post office book.''

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