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OFFICE COPY. A transcript of a record or proceeding filed in an office established by law, certified under the seal of the proper officer.

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The PMO has now concluded that Nehru may not have sent any such telegram since [if] it was, its office copy would have been archived," said the PMO official.
Giacondino did not alter the office copy of the letter, which retained the original date.
Toner cartridges -- Soy-based toner ink for office copy machines and laser printers.
Mrs Reid said: "People wanting to establish boundaries can start by buying an office copy of the register which will only cost pounds 4.
In one sense, the Maryland e-contract seems paradoxical since its purpose was to lease eight office copy machines to create paper documents.
The Z402C printer, sized akin to an office copy machine, has a build volume of 6 cubic in.
130) Epichlorohydrin rubber with improved processability and compression set resistance for low hardness office copy roll applications.
While then Springboks coach Carel Du Plessis was lambasting his defeated team for giving away penalties that Neil Jenkins duly kicked between the uprights, Sporting's traders were toasting the Lions and thumbing through the office copy of the Yellow Pages for Ferrari dealerships.
In addition, they might have a centrally-located large blue container located near the office copy machine or mail room and a centrally-located large green container for plastic, aluminum and glass.
The Scheme is expected to become effective upon an office copy of the Court Order sanctioning the Scheme being registered by the Registrar of Companies in England and Wales which is expected to be on 13 July 2009.
effective on 2 April 2009 when an office copy of the Order of the Court was
If a significant percentage of clients use a particular accounting program, it may be worthwhile to purchase that software so a staff person can upload a copy of the client's files into the office copy of the accounting program.
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