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Office of Fair Trading (OFT)

established by the Enterprise Act 2002, a body charged with trade matters and COMPETITION LAW. It has taken over the functions of the Director General of Fair Trading. It is run by a Board. It has an extensive staff It runs the consumer credit licensing system and the licensing of estate agents. It monitors and can deal with unfair contract terms on an industry-wide basis. It handles any super complaint which may be made. These result in a complete examination of a sector of a market. They maybe lodged only by a designated consumer body such as the Consumers Association or the National Association of Citizen's Advice Bureaux. The first was made in 2005 in respect of electricity and gas.
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Shahzad Ansar, Member Office of Fair Trade (OFT) and Advocacy, in his remarks urged the need for active collaboration between CCP and academia for creating awareness of the competition law.
The U.K.'s Office of Fair Trade is considering an investigation of BAA PLC's market.
Yesterday's announcement from the Office of Fair Trade came after William Hill gave a commitment to take measures to alleviate potential regulatory concerns.

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