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An individual who is in current possession of a particular office and who is legally authorized to discharge the duties of that office.


noun bureaucrat, commissioner, functionary, holder of an office, job holder, minister, occupant of an office, officebearer, officeholder, officer, official, person in authority
Associated concepts: de facto incumbent, incumbent officer
See also: binding, forcible, necessary

INCUMBENT, eccles. law. A clerk resident on his benefice with cure; he is so called because he does, or ought to, bend the whole of his studies to his duties. In common parlance, it signifies one who is in the possession of an office, as, the present incumbent.

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In 1604 Sully also introduced the famous paulette, an annual fee payable by all office-holders to guarantee free disposal of their offices, including the coveted right to bequeath them to their sons.
The proposal was voted down as entailing a colossal breach of faith likely to ram that majority of former office-holders who were still unliquidated, counter-revolutionary.
Candidates and office-holders don't need labels to identify their place on the political spectrum; they define their position with their every comment, action and vote.
They help elect a candidate who vows to respect their interests, only to see the new office-holders develop amnesia as they are inundated by special-interest pleaders.
AU also asserts that the guides list only six or seven issues -- even though would-be office-holders are queried on dozens of issues -- so that the most inflammatory ones can be highlighted in an effort to make Republican candidates look good and Democratic candidates look bad.
Senior party sources say Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is determined to "promote conduct and behaviour among office-holders and candidates over and above that required by the law".
Should absolutist states be construed as the redeployment of feudalism at a higher level, or did royal office-holders and bureaucratic agents serve the social interests of townspeople as well as nobles?
But some of that explanation is obvious-in office-holders from the president on down who say one thing in campaigns and do another once in office; in the failure of all too many office holders to meet minimal ethical standards; in campaigns run on the basis of demagogic, generic 30-second messages; in political parties that by conscious choice offer the public nothing of import to decide; in a mass media that treats the political enterprise with trivialization, disdain, and cynicism; in government that can respond to crisis very well (e.
the authors explore the role of the political class -- office-holders, activists, and pundits -- in shaping the public face of American politics.
The commission claims that its director general had come to know about alleged embezzlement by the public office-holders of revenue department and WWB in active connivance of the private land owners whereby a low-priced land was incorrectly shown and converted into superior kind of land and had caused a colossal loss to the public exchequer.
Assessor Jim Gangle and Florence Justice of the Peace Cindy Cable - both of them longtime office-holders - are running unopposed for re-election.
Sunday 12th & Monday 13th August Spent most of the two days at home, but travelled to London for Office-holders tomorrow morning.