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Some official names are counterintuitive to the point of absurdity, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea .
Hongkong Land is proud to announce the official name, WF CENTRAL of our first large-scale flagship commercial development in the nation s capital.
ROK stands for the Republic of Korea, South Korea's official name.
men's representative in mistral sailing (the official name for windsurfing).
The laser tag game company, whose official name was Family Entertainment LLC, has been shut down for several years, leaving behind $180,000 in unpaid state taxes dating back to 1996, according to lawsuits filed by the Department of Finance and Administration.
Retaining its official name as Kayaba Industry Co Ltd, the company made a change in nomenclature and the company is presently popular as KYB Corporation from October 2005.
A Coty spokeswoman said: "Details of the fragrance, including the official name, will be revealed before it is officially launched.
During ``Growing Up'' (also from the new CD and which serves as the official name of the tour) Gabriel crawled inside, becoming a bubble boy, bouncing and rolling the thing around the stage.
New Site Coincides with Company's Official Name Change and Increased Focus on Marketing
SINN Fein loves to compare Northern Ireland to South Africa - so perhaps they can learn from that country's capital city, which is changing its name from Pretoria back to Tshwane - but making 'Pretoria' the official name of the old city centre.
Regardless of what you call it, its official name is euphorbia pulcherrima, which means ``very beautiful.
The machine's official name was the Jackson Democratic Club, and Truman served as its vice president for more than 20 years and even continued to pay dues from the White House.

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