OFFICIO, EX. By virtue of one's office. Vide Ex officio; 3 Bl. Com. 447.

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Ex officio professors of Sabbath breaking are all whalemen.
While still warm, the oil, like hot punch, is received into the six-barrel casks; and while, perhaps, the ship is pitching and rolling this way and that in the midnight sea, the enormous casks are slewed round and headed over, end for end, and sometimes perilously scoot across the slippery deck, like so many land slides, till at last man-handled and stayed in their course; and all round the hoops, rap, rap, go as many hammers as can play upon them, for now, ex officio, every sailor is a cooper.
Accident gave him the liberal end of the piece, a circumstance to which he never would have assented had he known the fact, for being an attache of the legation of his own country, he was ex officio aristocratic.
Also that kind of obedience, which Tacitus speaketh of, is to be held suspected: Erant in officio, sed tamen qui mallent mandata imperantium interpretari quam exequi; disputing, excusing, cavilling upon mandates and directions, is a kind of shaking off the yoke, and assay of disobedience; especially if in those disputings, they which are for the direction, speak fearfully and tenderly, and those that are against it, audaciously.
There is possibility for ex officio public prosecution to initiate prosecution against this act, for which the government encourages the public prosecutor to check if there are elements of the crime under Article 181 of the Criminal Code Violation of reputation of foreign state and to act ex officio.
The European Commission has today taken a decision in principle to open an ex officio anti-dumping and an anti-subsidy investigation concerning imports of mobile telecommunications networks and their essential elements from China," a statement said.
De officio martiti: Introduction, Critical Edition, Translation and Notes.
The decision eliminated the ex officio role of the local bishop, currently Archbishop Harry Flynn, as chair of the university's board.
Another membership change is the ex officio representative to the committee from the U.
It is the doctrine of functus officio, Latin for "a task performed.
Chaired by Sylvia Coats, NCTM, Wichita State University and MTNA board member, the task force included: Judy Baker, NCTM, IMT and adjunct college faculty member; Barbara Fast, NCTM, University of Oklahoma; Sara McDaniel, NCTM, IMT and adjunct faculty at University of Colorado/Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Community College; Scott Price, University of South Carolina; Phyllis Pieffer, NCTM, MTNA president, IMT and adjunct college faculty, ex officio; and Gary Ingle, MTNA executive director, ex officio.