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Syria's offshoot, whose leaders have lived in exile since the regime crushed them in a bloody operation in 1982, support Saudi Arabia and Yemen in their war against an insurgent Shiite minority in Yemen, while other offshoots remain silent, he said as an example.
With Hamas being EMB's fighting offshoot and now ruling the Gaza Strip, HuT is increasingly more active in the multi-ethnic and impoverished Fergana Valley, which spills across the borders of Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.
While such studies may be familiar to the new historicist, who regularly attempts to locate the text in a social or political frame, Bennett widens this prevailing literary scope to include performances of Shakespeare, his contemporaries and, fascinatingly, modern offshoot and rewrites of the same.
The responsibility for creating the dances included rehearsing the chorines to a knife-edge precision -- an offshoot of the nineteenth-century Amazon Drill that employed phalanxes of women dressed in abbreviated military garb and helmets in unison-marching formations.
Players like Genpact, WNS and EXL Services, as well as BPO offshoots of IT companies like IBM, TCS, Infosys (Progeon) and Wipro will emerge as formidable global players in the next few years.
ACROBATIC and kinetic as sparking severed power lines, clowning and its offshoot dance movement krumping are unbelievably engaging movie subjects.
An entourage of the nation's most-esteemed and practiced attorneys in bankruptcy law contributes as editors and editorial board members of Collier on Bankruptcy and its offshoots.
One of the informal offshoots of Stapp's work was the proposition called Murphy's Law - that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
23, 2004 and April 8, 2005 press releases) are in fact offshoots of a much larger body of porphyry-associated, disseminated gold mineralization that extends to a depth of 350 meters.
The boutique offshoots of the Poway-based computer manufacturer will soon boast consumer electronics alongside its traditional computer and monitor lineup.
This is typical of Manto orebodies throughout Mexico and we expect that similar offshoots will be found along the margins of most of our mantos.