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ALUMNUS, civil law. A child which one has nursed; a foster child. Dig. 40, 2, 14.

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Even so did Raffles disappoint the Old Boys in the evening as he had disappointed the school by day.
As for Raffles, he appeared to me to feel far more compunction for the fable which he had been compelled to foist upon one of the old masters than for the immeasurably graver offence against society and another Old Boy.
But I don't see how on the strength of that I could expert the old boy to adopt me.
At this foreshadowing of a desolate decease, the wicked old boy would whine and whimper, and would sit shaking himself into the lowest of low spirits, until such time as he could shake himself out of the house and shake another threepennyworth into himself.
Moreover it was her habit to shake her head at that wretched old boy whenever she caught his eye as he shivered and shook.
AMATEUR footballers spanning almost 70 years of football are planning a grand reunion to celebrate the history of Essemay Old Boys.
ALAN Fletcher's unbeaten 44 steered CCC to a 58-run victory over Eaga Old Boys in the Just Sport Cup.
ELLAND Boys' Brigade Old Boys are getting together for a touching reunion.
6 1 1 4 8 16 4 Quarter-final first-leg scores - Real Garcilaso 1 Santa Fe 3, Fluminense 0 Olimpia 0, Boca Juniors 0 Newell's Old Boys 0, A Mineiro 2 Tijuana 2.
Although the dinner is well attended by 200-300 Old Boys each year, there are many former pupils of both schools who will be unaware of the association.
NOSTALGIA was in the air when 18 Old Boys of the former Middlesbrough High School who were evacuated to Teesdale during World War Two met for their annual reunion lunch at the Baltimore Hotel, Middlesbrough, on Saturday, September 24.
THE Annual Dinner for Old Boys of Holly Lodge Grammar School and James Watt Technical School in Smethwick takes place in May.