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The authors continue the format of the series of Old French lays of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries that they have been editing, translating, and annotating since 1999.
The Old French text is edited conservatively and meticulously.
Lamella became lemelle in Old French, then, by a long series of changes, amelette or omelette by about 1600.
Janet is a dimunitive of Jane -from old French ``Jehanne'',Street from old Frisian ``strete'' and Porter from old French,``portier''.
Stewart Gregory undermines the conventional view that in early Old French the negation was expressed by ne alone without a reinforcing particle.
Doon de Mayence Hero baron of the medieval epic poems in Old French known as chansons de geste, which together form the core of the Charlemagne legends.
The Latin word potio became poison in Old French and began to refer to any powerful substance, whether a drink or not, that might sicken or kill when consumed.
goliard Medieval Latin goliardus, from Old French golias, gouliart gourmand, glutton, riotous liver, perhaps ultimately from a Germanic verb akin to Middle High German goln to shout, jest, behave unrestrainedly, Gothic goljanto greet; influenced in sense by association with Old French golethroat, gluttony
From a derivative of quadrum came Old French quarrere, "pit for cutting stone," which was borrowed into English and eventually altered to quarry.
A THE term is derived from an old French word meaning "little shoulder".
She recalled that the very first awards gala in 1990 was a modest affair that raised only $14,000, and the trophy was made from half of an old French horn, which is how the award got its name.