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ALUMNUS, civil law. A child which one has nursed; a foster child. Dig. 40, 2, 14.

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The 2016 fees for advanced (old student rate) is P8,450 so the early bird price for all old students is P7,605.
She said that the 76-81 set was grateful for the values and education received by the old students of the institution.
As a member of the Walford Old Students Association (WOSA) I was delighted to receive a call from the college regarding a reunion they were hoping to organise.
Anjum Habib Vohra, Principal PGMI while talking to a delegation of old students of PGMI, here Saturday.
The dhaba , started by Rohtas's father Sukhia more than half a century ago, is a favourite with current and old students.
Ellen Kent was a former secretary of the Old Students Association, and her memorial scholarship is given to Welsh speaking students.
QAUAA, a non-profitable voluntary organization established by the old students of QAU to have a social and interactive forum.