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Dr Shaikh said that Sindh was the land of eight thousand years oldest civilization, where people were civilized, educated, tolerant and enlightened.
The Secretary Culture Department also said that Mohenjo Daro is the oldest civilization of Sindh and the provincial government is undertaking effective measures to preserve archaeological sites from threats of environmental, climate change, water logging and salinity issues.
A senior officer of Sindh Tourism Development Corporation talking to from Sukkur said that after overnight stay in Sukkur, the car rally will proceed to Mohenjo-Daro Friday morning where the participants will be briefed about the history of the oldest civilization - Mohenjo-Daro.
Kuala Lumpur, March 6 (ANI): Archaeologists in Malaysia have discovered the main site of an ancient kingdom that predates the Angkor temples of Cambodia and could be the oldest civilization in the region.
He said the Province of Sindh possesses a long history of pride and honour with its oldest civilization of the world.
Mohenjodaro is the oldest civilization of Sindh and the provincial government is undertaking effective measures to preserve this great archaeological site from different threats icluding water logging and salinity.
The ruin of Moen jo Daro, one of the oldest civilization in the world with five thousand years of glory and an area of 8 square kilometers, the city mesmerized the visitors mind and hearts, said prof Li.
Yassin has previously shared a video on Monday of an Egyptian village inhabited by one of the oldest civilizations of the world: the Nubians.
In her remarks, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said Pakistan was home to one of the world's oldest Civilizations like Mohenjo Daro and Taxila, among others.
Through innovation and adaptation, succeeding generations have managed their lives and livelihoods in the arid landscapes that spawned some of the world's oldest civilizations.
Abdul Ghafoor said the Swat valley was as 'the Switzerland of Pakistan', where one of the oldest civilizations thrived with beautiful natural scenic spots.
Where: between Northeast Africa and the Middle East Cool factor: Pyramids of Giza, Myths and Legends One of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt is a land that beckons to the traveler.