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Also featured in the eighth series will be EastEnders veteran June Brown - at 85, the oldest star ever to take part.
Washington, May 10 ( ANI ): While studying some of the oldest star clusters in our galaxy, astronomers from the University of Texas at Austin and Germany's Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE) found that the stars at the centers of these clusters are rotating around a common axis.
2 became the oldest star to play in the SPL as Saints beat the drop with last weekend's 3-2 win at Motherwell.
Vera, who sang to troops in the Second World War is the oldest star - at 92 - to hit the top spot in the charts.
At 53 she is the oldest star to play the frisky house-wife when the play opens on June 11.
According to Billboard, Stobaugh, who penned the rhythm after Lorraine, his wife of 72 years, died in April, has surpassed its previous oldest star - Tony Bennett.
Astronomers believe they have found the oldest star in the universe, which formed at least 13.
The oldest star clusters are about 12 to 15 billion years old, so it is thought that the universe is at least 15 billion years old, but probably not more than 20 billion.
Computer simulations of the formation of globular clusters - the oldest star clusters known - have shown how small clouds in young galaxies collided and stuck together.
Mike - the oldest star in today's column at 59 - is now waiting for his bosses at EastEnders to give him the go-ahead.
Roger Milla is the oldest star to have appeared in the World Cup finals.
Martin Brundle Formula One's oldest star said: "It must be awful for Damon knowing that nobody in your team, from the boss down, wants you to win.