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However, we believe that these welcome trends will be accompanied by new demands on OLED materials makers.
Sony 11-inch and LG 15-inch OLED TV have been commercialized, but their prices are extremely high due to their low rate of finished products (below 30%); while rate of TFT-LCD finished products can reach above 99%.
In China, more and more potential investors from home appliance, communication and LCD sectors are keep an eye on OLED, so far china has over 30 OLED manufacturers.
3 Lifetime and Other Performance Requirements for OLEDs
Universal Display's state-of-the-art facility is designed to further technology and materials development, technology transfer to manufacturing partners and work with customers to develop OLED products that meet their needs.
We very much expect to get a good outcome as a result of our cooperation with Universal Display, a leading company of phosphorescent OLED technologies and materials," said Shiro Okada, Managing Executive Officer, Associate Director of Idemitsu Kosan.
With the Pictiva OLED-based Liquivision F1, not only are dive lights and button-pushing unnecessary to read the computer, but some divers have reported that the OLED is so bright that the computer itself becomes a dive light whose glow can be used to read other instruments such as pressure gauges, which may not yet be using OLED technology.
Phosphorescent materials and technologies for OLED devices are notable development underway with potential for use in various applications.
Through our recent work with Princeton University, we have identified a new approach that may accelerate the development and demonstration of a low-cost, long-lived flexible OLED for display and lighting products in military and commercial applications.
Universal Display's phosphorescent technology is a critical element toward reaching low-power consumption OLED performance.
Novaled's proprietary doping technology and materials offer very low voltage OLEDs that are up to three times lower than conventional OLED technology.
eMagin Corporation (AMEX: EMA), a leader in OLED technology, and the U.