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Pheromone-binding proteins contribute to the activation of olfactory receptor neurons in the silkmoths Antheraea polyphemus and Bombyx mori.
The cultivated cells contained several typical olfactory receptors, which are proteins that bind together smell molecules and are located on olfactory receptor cells lining the nose.
Giandomenico V, Cui T, Grimelius L, Oberg K, Pelosi G, Tsolakis AV Olfactory receptor 51E1 as a novel target for diagnosis in somatostatin receptor-negative lung carcinoids.
1989), and each aesthetasc houses the distal dendrites of a variable number, usually 100-300, of olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs).
The elephant's long trunk has olfactory receptor genes more than any creature on earth, a study found.
The olfactory receptor in skin, namely OR2AT4, is activated by a synthetic sandalwood scent, so-called Sandalore, and the activated OR2AT4 receptor triggers a calcium-dependent signal pathway.
We have millions of olfactory receptor neurons, and without them, the brain cannot make much sense of the smell signals.
The major antennal of chemosensory protein (CSP) is the only carrier estimated of recognition signals to the olfactory receptor neurons [3].
It is well known that olfactory receptor cells and the granular cells of the olfactory bulb can regenerate.
1997), and the ultrastructure of aesthetascs showed that they are innervated by 100-250 olfactory receptor neurons (Zhu et al.
We have obtained maps of the input to the olfactory bulb that define the responsiveness of individual olfactory receptor proteins.