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Not all gift-giving in contemporary Japan lacks this relational characteristic, and some omiyage are considered more "personal," and thus distinct from "obligatory" omiyage.
Obligatory omiyage also has its much less relational twin of self-centered consumption, or, as Japanese travelers often call them, jibun no omiyage, or "souvenirs for themselves.
In the scene of omiyage consumption, such as the one in the LA Airport that I described above, the playful exercise of shopping savvy also has an unexpected outcome of carnivalesque role reversal.
The last thread of my inquiry into Amerika no omiyage is on the notion of Amerika as represented in the shifts in omiyage practices.
Important changes occurred in the political-economic relationship between Japan and the United States through the 1970s and '80s, and it was also in this time period that Japanese views of the United States and the significance of omiyage consumption shifted considerably.