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Based on this survey I'd recommend you create omiyage tables with souvenirs grouped by price: under $10, $10 to $ 20 and $20+.
Omiyage is, thus, a representation of otherness that one brings home after a journey to another, often distant and/or mythical place.
Hawaiians call this practice omiyage (a Japanese word that literally means "bring back home').
This month, it's all about the omiyage to bring back from your next neighbor island business trip.
With the local tradition of omiyage, they buy by the dozen.
Over here, there's the cultural aspect of bringing food or omiyage when you visit clients or go to someone's house.
With a well-positioned product, Menehune Mac aligned itself with several of the largest Japanese tour companies, selling omiyage (gifts) to tourists before they left on their trip to Hawaii.
Culturally, maybe they have felt that it was important to bring omiyage back to friends and neighbors.
A lot of people have asked us to distribute the cookies around the state but this is one of the last omiyage you can get only on Kauai.
At least one retailer has noticed that the obligation to buy omiyage, or gifts for family, colleagues and friends, is no longer the driving reason behind Japanese shopping.