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[Latin, For all; containing two or more independent matters.] A term frequently used in reference to a legislative bill comprised of two or more general subjects that is designed to compel the executive to approve provisions that he or she would otherwise reject but that he or she signs into law to prevent the defeat of the entire bill.

Laws governing the Federal Budget are typically omnibus bills; for example, the Omnibus Consolidated Rescissions and Appropriations Act of 1996 (110 Stat. 1321).


adjective all-embracing, all-inclusive, broad, catholic, collective, compendious, complete, composite, comprehensive, encyclopedic, encyclopedical, exhaustive, expansive, extensive, general, generic, inclusive, indiscriminate, limitless, of great scope, overall, pandemic, sweeping, unqualified, unrestricted, wide-reaching, widespread
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Dropping the Sunday omnibus edition of long-running soap Pobol y Cwm would 'further decrease the <Bchannel's peak-time average audience', said a meeting of Audience Council Wales
I shot everything, including a half- hour car journey past second- hand car lots and Kentucky fried restaurants, a chunk of celluloid that now makes for the most boring viewing anyone could be subjected to, even on the most desolate of wet Sunday afternoons when there is nothing on telly but the omnibus edition of EastEnders.
An omnibus edition every Sunday lunchtime will feature highlights of the week and the show will go out live on the internet and cable channel E4.
Thanks to Channel 4 for extending my Sunday morning lie-ins by neatly adding the omnibus edition of Dishes to my regular fix of Hollyoaks.
More Liverpool than the omnibus edition of Brookside - yet seemingly holding out for a lucrative move abroad.
Sunday omnibus edition with on screen English subtitles ROWND A ROWND S4C, nos Fawrth a nos Iau, 7.
Episodes will be broadcast daily at noon, with an omnibus edition on Fridays at 9pm.
45pm and across the week in the same time slot, the shows will also be broadcast together in an omnibus edition on Christmas Day at 5pm.
Added to the episodes on Tuesday December 22 and Christmas Eve, there will be an extended omnibus edition at 10.
Being one match off the quarter-finals will do little to take away the fervour attached to Murray's quest for history, especially when Her Majesty is getting ready to ditch the omnibus edition of Eastenders on Sunday if her subject is in a position where he might win a title and a knighthood.
Even if she proved willing to heal our tattered economy, Gail would regularly take her eye off the ball every Sunday morning, during the Hollyoaks Omnibus Edition.