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This certainly coincides with my own view that by leading to a misplaced focus on what is known, omniscience distracts us from the issues of how far and in what respects authors have the power to make something happen or something be the case.
Such is the grip of current orthodoxy that to question the omniscience of The Market is to question the inscrutable wisdom of Providence.
During the course of writing these novels she gradually weans herself from what Marvin Mudrick calls her "early tendency to assert an arbitrary omniscience over the objects of her irony" (84).
Paranoia is associated closely with omniscience in its compulsive desire to know, its compulsive projection of knowledge into uncertainty.
That sort of omniscience, combined with ubiquitous cameras capturing events in real time and thus making long-term evasion extremely unlikely, will lead to major reductions in both privacy and crime.
We all feel the need to present ourselves in the best possible light, but this really shouldn't extend to feigned omniscience.
Italicized sentences express the thoughts of the speakers, which adds omniscience into the story.
Furthermore, every narrator swears omniscience when it comes to Lou's fall.
But even in its updated usage, omniscience is typically conceived, as this list suggests, as a relationship between a narrator and a fictional world.
Omniscience, though, is not constrained by strange loops within a closed system.
Austin's omniscience in the book, though not quite believable, ties together the story well and justifies the salvations and deaths of the characters.
As for The Crimson House, it promises to draw connections between divine omniscience and Big Brother, investigating power, surveillance and conscience in the modern world.