On Demand

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On Demand

Payable immediately on request.

A note that is payable on demand is one that is to be paid the moment payment is requested by the individual who has legal possession thereof.


Commercial Paper.

on demand

adj. in a promissory note, a requirement that the amount due must be paid when the person to whom the funds are owed demands payment (rather than upon a certain date or on installments). Such a note is called a "demand note." (See: demand note)

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On-demand printing uses electronically stored files to enable marketers to more efficiently send out personalized marketing materials and tailor messages to individuals.
NEW YORK -- Bluewolf, an on-demand enterprise consulting company that specializes in the deployment of enterprise software applications, today announced that Eric Berridge, Principal and Co-founder of Bluewolf, will present at the Credit Suisse 2007 Disruptive Technology Conference, February 7, 2007 at 2:45pm (EST)/ 11:45am (PST) at the St.
Confusing on-demand priorities with a real information technology strategy or program is a dangerous oversimplification.
In an effort to explore on-demand user adoption trends, Nucleus and KnowledgeStorm surveyed 198 organizations across numerous industries.
MINNEAPOLIS -- A new report by Tier1 Research (T1R) finds that the market for on-demand CRM software is booming and creating plenty of room for growth for the established players in this space.
HOUSTON -- Columbia College, a 32-campus academic institution with two highly distributed networks, has turned to Alert Logic to address the school's need for on-demand IT security protection.
One million video streams actively deployed worldwide is quite an accomplishment, and a testament to the importance all our customers place on our reliability and innovation in the on-demand industry.
Leading companies such as WorkingRx and Azima Health Services are deploying on-demand technologies to support claims and medical payments processing - streamlining the claim-to-cash process, improving productivity and enhancing customer service.
The acquisition gives Business Objects access to Nsite's on-demand application platform; engineering talent experienced in building and managing SaaS offerings; and approximately 27,000 current Nsite subscribers.
Red Bee Media provides specialist content versioning services to content owners/aggregators, broadcasters and operators to enable the delivery of on-demand entertainment across multiple video-on-demand (VOD) platforms.
Bluewolf has been the leader of On-Demand professional services since the beginning," said Panner.
the leading global provider of on-demand call center solutions, today announced it has named Jim Dvorkin as chief technology officer.