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11 * CUR = curcumin, 5/6NX = five-sixths nephrectomy, NAC = N-acetylcysteine, BW = body weight, KW= kidney weight, GFR = glomerular filtration rate, SNFF= single-nephron filtration fraction, Kf = ultrafiltration coefficient, CA =afferent protein concentrati on, [pi]A = afferent oncotic pressure.
Lowered tissue-fluid oncotic pressure protects the blood volume in the nephrotic syndrome.
Decreased plasma oncotic pressure, as occurs in hypoproteinaemia during malnutrition, precipitates oedema (8).
Because they generate more oncotic pressure, infused colloids produce more rapid intravascular volume expansion and cause less pulmonary edema (25).
Table One: Liver functions and consequences of failure Liver function Consequences of failure Metabolism, synthesis and storage * malnourishment of carbohydrates, fats and * low serum albumin leading to: proteins (including albumin) low plasma oncotic pressure, ascites, and cerebral edema.
Albumin is a major contributor to oncotic pressure of plasma.