One Person, One Vote

One Person, One Vote

The principle that all citizens, regardless of where they reside in a state, are entitled to equal legislative representation.

This principle was enunciated by the Supreme Court in reynolds v. sims, 377 U.S. 533, 84 S. Ct. 1362, 12 L. Ed. 2d 506 (1964). The Court ruled that a state's Apportionment plan for seats in both houses of a bicameral state legislature must allocate seats on a population basis so that the voting power of each voter be as equal as possible to that of any other voter.


Baker v. Carr.

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Now that the Welsh Labour elite have ignored the popular grassroots demand for one person, one vote, which is the process used by the English and Scottish Labour parties, it's imperative that the unions ballot their members.
Its no longer one person, one vote, no manner of civility in conversation because there really is no conversation or reasoned disagreement.
Noting the importance of protecting the equality of Croats in BiH as a constituent people, Covic said that he would 'seek support from a large number of friends and to make sure that they do not buy the story that ethnic and national should be deleted from the BiH Constitution so that BiH would become a one person, one vote country, and that this ultimately means a unitary Bi , which would countless other problems.
After Evenwel, One Person, One Vote Protects Representational
We are disappointed that the justices were unwilling to reestablish the original principle of one person, one vote, for the citizens of Texas and elsewhere," said Edward Blum, the group's director, in a statement.
Bork, The Tempting OF America 84 (1990) ("There is no better example of the Court's egalitarianism and its disregard for the Constitution in whose name it spoke than the legislative reapportionment cases, which created the principle of one person, one vote.
The House of Lords is fundamentally undemocratic and undermines the principle of one person, one vote.
We are introducing the first genuine parliamentary democracy in Fiji s history, replacing a voting system that operated on racial lines with one person, one vote one value.
While Beijing has committed to the election of the next chief executive by one person, one vote, the process of nominating candidates has yet to be determined.
Clause to require the one person, one vote rule, the Court held that
One person, one vote is the yardstick against which redistricting plans have come to be compared, but the phrase did not originate in a redistricting dispute.
Locally, Lane County must redraw its five county commissioner districts to reflect population shifts since 2000 so that each person's vote has the same weight as that of every other voter in the district - the so-called one person, one vote test which all redistricting plans must meet.